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Waffenversand Klausing - Your shipping company!

Why Waffenversand Klausing?


We are a legal weapons carrier, Waffenversand Klausing guarantees the highest quality and advice.

Would you like to move weapons from Germany to another country?

Whether it is the transport of arms to Germany or the export of weapons worldwide, we are your competent transport partner. We will be happy to take over the implementation for you as well as import / export documents in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

We would be happy to advise you and implement the transport.


Now something about transporting weapons and packaging:

  • The gun must be firmly in the packaging and must not slide around.
  • The carton must not be too thin to avoid breakage and weapon protrusion from the carton.
  • The transporter is responsible for the packaging and must pack the weapon so that, even in the automatic sorting facilities of transport companies with a drop height of up to 140cm, the weapon sustains no damage.
  • If you have insufficient packaging, we will charge you an extra 10 EUR net.
  • The packaging should not be longer than 120 cm, wider than 60 cm and higher than 60 cm otherwise we will charge you extra 42,- EUR.


Do you still have questions or would you like to carry large quantities on a regular basis?

Contact us!
Waffenversand Klausing

Important !

We are only a shipping provider and we do not assume any liability for the function, content or condition of the goods we transport under your authority. Suspicious, forbidden or illegal goods are notified by us immediately.

The contracting authority with regards to Waffen Klausing GmbH or authorised person undertaking provision of the logistical services at Waffen Klausing GmbH only include lawful and undisputed claims.

Authorized according to § 21 WaffG.